JavaScript framework for building front-end applications


Really Serverless

  • Light rich mock back-end server
  • Running actual business logic with data stubs
  • Simple and complex authorization strategies

Truly interactive prototyping

  • Fully interactive, not just clickable
  • Forms validation, events handling
  • Realistic login/logout flow

Highest reachable perfomance

  • With native DOM and events
  • Without redundant binding
  • No overheads brought by modern UI frameworks

Fully manageable code

  • Unified templates for server- and client-side rendering
  • 100% code coverage reachable
  • Scalable and maintanable applications

Seamless back-end integration

  • Fully automated switch between mock and real back-end
  • The need of layout integration stage fully eliminated
  • Customized CI/CD workflow out-of-box
  • Painless no fussing deploy

Multiple modes of integration

  • No integration: mock back-end
  • Direct requests to back-end from browsers
  • Safe front-end server requests securing back-end host
  • Thick front-end server storing user sessions: total back-end protection

Check our example project

This GitHub repo contains step-by-step instructions for creating a fully interactive prototype application with as little of as easy code as possible


Speeding up the development

  • Start development without waiting for back-end
  • Keep focused on business logic not infrastructure
  • Cover the code with tests and avoid most of bugs

Fast market feedback loop

  1. Launch cheap and valuable apps without back-end
  2. Get real market analytics
  3. Plan further development reasonably

Labor minimizing

  • Code less, deliver more
  • Avoid resources waste on infrastructure
  • Get it done right with CI/CD

Costs reduction

  • Higher performance of every developer
  • Less bugs, more new paid features
  • More lucrative SLA for customers

Live demo

This is a live demo of Example blog application deployed to Prototype Staging container.

This app is serverless but interactive. It has 4 users: a@a.a, b@b.b, c@c.c and d@d.d. You can login with any password and check the auth flow.

Why it's possible

Much time is wasted on common infrastructure tasks which must not have been done by anyone at all. Such as:

  • Trying to explain to customers something that is just easier to show
  • Inventing, developing, maintaining and finally switching off tools for back-end mocking
  • Organizing requests switching between mock and real back-ends
  • Solving problems of non-existent back-end
  • Integrating the layouts into UI application logic
  • Thinking hard about server- and client-side rendering, splitting templates of one purpose into different sets. Maintaining codebases for all of them
  • Managing requests to back-end and responses
  • Managing user credentials and sessions

Those are most noted points of the front-end development efficiency growth. And there are more.

How we did it

We built a minimum assumptions front-end framework. No engineering overhead is necessary, even for huge apps.

It allowed us to wrap all the common UI application functions into comprehensive set of handy helpers.

You're welcome to access the page and browser infrastructure comfortly and keep focused on your app specifics.

Common JavaScript flow

Common JavaScript flowCommon JavaScript flow

Highlighted infrastructure steps to get rid of

  1. Collect data from DOM
  2. Prepare request data (optional)
  3. Request
  4. Receive data
  5. Preprocess data for rendering (optional)
  6. Render DOM with preprocessed data

nullFront provides tools that simultaneously allow to:

  1. Eliminate resources wasting on common infrastructure steps (3, 4 and 6)
  2. Increase focus onto significances: business logic and data management



In order to show off all the features without actual back-end

  • Technical domain name
  • SSL certificate included
  • Standard tech support
  • Basic CI/CD
  • No need for back-end integration


per app/month

live demo

back-end integration

Requests to back-end are sent from browsers

  • Technical domain name
  • SSL certificate included
  • Standard tech support
  • Basic CI/CD
  • AJAX-level back-end integration


per app/month

live demo

front-end server

Requests to back-end are sent through front-end server

  • Technical domain name
  • SSL certificate included
  • Standard tech support
  • Custom CI/CD
  • Server level back-end integration


per container/month

live demo

front-end server

Robust front-end server managing user authorisation flow

  • Technical domain name
  • SSL certificate included
  • Advanced tech support
  • Custom CI/CD
  • Advanced Server level back-end integration


per container/month

coming soon

Additional services

Custom domain name


per app/month

Basic developer support

from $50

per review

Extended developer support

from $100

per review